EUROAVIA around Europe

EUROAVIA started in Aachen in 1959 as an initiative with purposes of promotion and Networking of the Aerospace industry, connecting enterprises and researchers with engineering students.

Therefore, its priority is to spread the community’s vision all over Europe, involving and attracting universities and new members. By holding international events, students are given the opportunities of getting to know firsthand their professional future, establishing contacts and furthering into their knowledge of the sector.

Nowadays, EUROAVIA stands with more than sixty years of legacy, around 3000 members overall, and with more than 350 events organized in the community’s whole history. We are proud to count with more than forty different associations spread all over Europe, all with their own members, and Local Boards and activities.

Through the last years, EUROAVIA has acquired competences in establishing a network of qualified members, let it be in the form of Soft Skills (our Trainers program); or events where technical abilities are more powerful, such as Rocket Workshops; of the Air Cargo Challenge, where teams are proposed to design and develop a small aircraft.

All in all, this association stands for the well-being and evolution of its member’s competences, and for keeping their interest and enthusiasm of this determinant sector in today’s society.